Trump Loses. Now What?


Maybe he will not lose. I read somewhere that his odds are that of a football team going into the 4th quarter with a 7 point deficit, and even the best teams can blow huge leads. (Hardly a coincidence that I was diagnosed with high blood pressure shortly after that game.) I am no prognosticator. … [Read more…]

Not Voting for Trump is Not a Sin – Dr. Grudem is Wrong

It is no secret that I believe that Dr. Wayne Grudem embodies what is wrong in evangelical thinking toward politics. His tome on politics has totally excluded the cross, his proof for his right-wing politics is comprised of proof-texts devoid of Scriptural context, and his analysis of security threats and economic history reveals weak armchair-historian … [Read more…]

Men Without Reason

“Why?” the cry echoes with every ringing shot or slice of the blade. “Why now? Why this?” Why implies an answer is ready, implies a reason can be found. But when we confront a world where a beloved MP is assassinated by a madman (we mourn with you, British friends, even as you have with … [Read more…]

Into the World


Into the World      “I made the world,” he said as I smiled politely and shook his hand. We were waiting in line together for a slice of turkey at Club Horizon’s Christmas party. “Oh?” was the only response I could muster. “I made the world. Just started a week ago,” he said. He was … [Read more…]

Transgendered Rights vs. Men in the Women’s Room


The most deplorable facet of this entire transgender/bathroom debacle is the absence of dialogue. HB2 passed without public comment or hearings. The Charlotte city ordinance was not much better. In public, both sides lob straw men arguments and pithy slogans toward one another without meaningful dialogue or an intent to compromise. Both act as if the … [Read more…]

The Next Decade of Evangelicalism

A few thoughts on this Wednesday afternoon – Evangelicals: The Next Ten Years   Worship – The next worship war is coming. Churches solidly ensconced in contemporary Christian music will find themselves battling two new waves of music popular among Millennials and the next generation: electronic dance music (EDM) and liturgical/traditional worship settings. Younger people … [Read more…]

HB2: Shooting Squirrels with Tanks

Men's toilet sign

So, ostensibly responding to the fear that male-t0-female transgendered people will enter women’s restrooms to commit all sorts of indecencies, the North Carolina State House, Senate, and Governor passed a bill that changes the entire way that cities and counties operate in North Carolina. HB2 is vast in its scope and implications, and not just … [Read more…]

This is not Christianity


Inasmuch as Muslims are called upon to defend their faith whenever a terrorist strikes, Christians are not pressed in the same way by the media whenever certain groups or people who would claim the name of Christ commit every manner of atrocity in his name. I think the presumption is that the (mostly Christian) audience … [Read more…]

Syrian Refugee Facts and Scripture Presented Without Commentary


Some Facts 1. Syrian refugees do not pose a serious security threat. The security threat posed by refugees in the United States is insignificant. Halting America’s processing of refugees due to a terrorist attack in another country that may have had one asylum-seeker as a co-plotter would be an extremely expensive overreaction to very minor threat. … [Read more…]